With a little care you can extend the life of your fresh flowers or floral arrangement.

If you have received a bouquet cut about 2cm off the stem with sharp scissors or snips. Cut at an angle and then remove and damaged or discoloured leaves. There should not be any leaves on the lower part of the stems as these will foul the water. Pleace the fresh flowers into a vase with fresh water. Keep the flowers away from extreme temperature changes and preferably in a cool spot. If you have been supplied with flower food add this to the water. Every 2-3 days recut the stems and change the water.

If you have received a box/basket or other floral arrangement do not remove the flowers from the floral foam. Simply keep the flowers in a cool spot and top up with water daily. In warmer months the oasis can dry out very quickly so be sure and keep an eye on it.

Flowers are living things and their lifespan varies. You have purchased from Carews and the local Flower Farm is a major supplier to us. Our flowers are guaranteed fresh and with the above detailed care you will enjoy your flowers for the longest possible time.

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